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Welcome to the NHAA

Founded in 1920, we are Australia‚Äôs oldest professional association of complementary therapists. Representing Western herbalists and naturopaths, we are the only national professional association specifically concerned with the practice and education of Western herbal medicine (WHM) in Australia. Our Vision is to:

  • Enable practitioners and the practice of herbal and naturopathic medicine to become fully integrated into the primary healthcare system in Australia;
  • Make herbal and naturopathic medicine accessible to all;
  • Maintain the integrity of the profession;
  • Continue to promote the standards and quality of education, of the profession;
  • Make greater career opportunities and research pathways for herbalists and naturopaths;
  • Continue the integration of traditional medicine and evolving science.   

We have a range of membership options for professionals, interested parties and students and our members have access to great resources such as Natural Standard databases, our online discussion forum, professional guidance and more!

We also work to connect the public with our highly trained practitioners through our Find A Practitioner service. 

Latest News

Teach out period extended for Advanced Diplomas

The NHAA has been lobbying the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to extend the teach out period for the Advanced Diplomas due to be phased out next year. From the beginning of 2016, the Advanced Diplomas of naturopathy, Western herbal medicine, homeopathy and nutrition will be removed from the health training package, with the new standard being a Bachelor degree.

A teach out period was available for those currently studying Advanced Diplomas, however the NHAA has been lobbying to extend this period in order to make it fairer for those students and their colleges. The ASQA Commissioners yesterday approved that the teach out period be extended to 31 December 2018. For more information see the ASQA website. Find out more about the change to Degree.

9th International Conference an inspiring success

Jonathan TreasureThanks to all who attended our latest International Conference over the weekend of March 20-22. We were inspired on so many levels! There was groundbreaking and challenging clinical information, exciting models of current and future education at both higher education and grassroots levels, and wondefully postive work being done in research that everyone can get involved in.

All our sponsors were fantastic and we thank them for their generosity and support in making this the best NHAA conference yet.

Check our our facebook page for more details and we'll let you know when the notes and recordings become available. 

Nominations now closed for NHAA Awards of Excellence

Nominations have now closed for the NHAA Awards of Excellence, which are being incorporated into the 9th International Conference on Herbal Medicine. The awards will form part of the International Conference Industry Profession Dinner. 

The Awards recognise those who inspire their colleagues, patients or community and celebrate leaders in their field who are striving to advance the quality and standards of their profession. For more details go to the NHAA Awards page.

Confirmation of removal of Adv Dip WHM & Nat

This morning NHAA was advised by the Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC) that they will be honouring the original decision to remove the Advanced Diplomas (this applies to WHM, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Homeopathy).

Read the CSHISC release or find out more about the change to degree level qualifications.

NHAA and the Degree Standards Collaborative will now be able to re-focus on developing the course requirements for the degree programs and look forward to bringing you further updates in the coming months.

Fantastic keynote speakers at our International Conference next March

Meet the three amazing keynote speakers: Dr Joe Pizzorno, Dr Michael McMullen, and Jonathan Treasure who will be featuring at our 9th International Conference on Herbal Medicine next March. These gentlemen will be familiar to many of you and their wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable. This is shaping up to be our best conference ever. Seriously, if you only go to one major conference in 2015, make it this one! Registrations open REALLY SOON, so keep an eye on our conference webpage for all the details!

Read more: Fantastic keynote speakers at our International Conference next March

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