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Welcome to the NHAA

Founded in 1920, we are Australia’s oldest professional association of complementary therapists. Representing Western herbalists and naturopaths, we are the only national professional association specifically concerned with the practice and education of Western herbal medicine (WHM) in Australia. Our Vision is to:

  • Enable practitioners and the practice of herbal and naturopathic medicine to become fully integrated into the primary healthcare system in Australia;
  • Make herbal and naturopathic medicine accessible to all;
  • Maintain the integrity of the profession;
  • Continue to promote the standards and quality of education, of the profession;
  • Make greater career opportunities and research pathways for herbalists and naturopaths;
  • Continue the integration of traditional medicine and evolving science.   

We have a range of membership options for professionals, interested parties and students and our members have access to great resources such as Natural Standard databases, our online discussion forum, professional guidance and more!

We also work to connect the public with our highly trained practitioners through our Find A Practitioner service. 

Latest News

Call for Expressions of Interest for the Board of Directors

Did you know that the NHAA’s Board is entirely voluntary? All of the direction, responsibility and motivation behind what this Association achieves professionally and in industry is driven by a small group of highly skilled, passionate and unpaid members. Reflect on that for just a moment...

The NHAA is currently seeking suitably qualified and enthusiastic people to stand for nomination to the Board of Directors. Remember...it is not all about your experience in the fields of herbal medicine or naturopathy – members with previous experience in areas such as finance or accounting, marketing, education, corporate governance or event management (just to name a few) are encouraged to apply as it is this diversity of talents that brings strength and depth to the Board.

We are also looking for a Company Secretary, preferably with some financial background and/or qualifications. The Company Secretary works closely with the Board although they are not a Director.

This nominations process is overseen by the Board Member Advisory Committee (BMAC), which has been formed to implement Board succession plans and review current Board competencies and performance. Members of this committee will be your first point of contact and will personally guide you through the interview process. This allows you the chance to ask any questions you may have regarding the Board and your potential responsibilities.

Being a Board member or Secretary is not all about hard work – it is also a wonderful way to meet new people, learn new skills and meaningfully support your profession. So if you are feeling that this might be of interest to you, contact the Chair of BMAC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will get back to you.

Read some excerpts from previous Board members

See the Board Director Position Description

See the Company Secretary Position Description

MEDIA RELEASE 10 July 2015: Peak naturopathic association calls for government regulation

Australia’s oldest complementary medicine association, NHAA, has renewed its bid for government regulation for the Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine professions.

The NHAA has long been, and continues to be, strongly in favour of regulation of the profession of naturopathy and herbal medicine through statutory registration.  “There must be confidence when someone calls themselves a naturopath or herbal medicine practitioner” said Leah Hechtman, President of the NHAA, “education and licensing requirements exist that not only protect the public but maintain the integrity of our ethical practitioners.”

“That level of protection is something we take for granted in many health professions like doctors and dentists, but also Chinese Medicine Practitioners.  Now naturopaths and herbal medicine practitioners are renewing their call for the same type of government controlled checks and balances through statutory regulation.”  Currently the member associations take on the role of not only providing member support and services, but also that of quasi regulators.  There are many associations with differing standards and requirements and Australia’s most respected practitioners are calling for a national licencing board.  Hechtman said, “The NHAA already ensures its standards are in line with those set by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as one of many actions they hope will allow this to happen sooner than later.”

The NHAA has been setting standards for the industry since 1920 and continues to work with various government and educational bodies to assist training providers by providing a standard for curriculum design.  Compulsory registration of practitioners will help ensure these high standards are maintained.  

Media spokesperson: Leah Hechtman, NHAA president ph 0411 590 701, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Office has Moved

moving truck

The NHAA office has moved to a newer, more convenient location. We reopen next  Monday 6 July at 3/2-4 Holden St, Ashfield NSW 2131 

Postal address: PO Box 696, Ashfield NSW 1800

New Ph: 02 9797 2244. Fax and emails remain the same.

TGA recall of Niuhuang Jiedu tablets

Well Herb, in consultation with the TGA, is recalling a batch of High Strength Niuhuang Jiedu tablets (bottle of 60) because it has been found to contain arsenic at an unacceptably high level, which may create a risk of serious illness, particularly with continuous long-term use. Symptoms of arsenic toxicity include vomiting and diarrhoea, and in more severe cases fever, skin rash, cardiac arrhythmia and kidney failure. The affected batch, which represents all the product currently in the Australian market, is batch number SJ1220 - expiry date Dec 2017. For details go to https://www.tga.gov.au/alert/niuhuang-jiedu-tablets-high-strength-bottle-60 

Federal budget bonuses for small business

Small business was highlighted in the recent federal budget, with a couple of points that may be of particular interest: 

  • Unincorporated businesses such as sole traders and partnerships with annual turnover up to $2 million will get a 5% tax discount (capped at $1000) through their year-end tax returns from 1 July, 2015
  • Small businesses with a turnover up to $2 million get an immediate tax deduction for any individual assets they buy costing less than $20,000 (currently the threshold sits at $1000). This $20,000 limit applies to each individual item and small businesses can apply this rule to as many individual items as they wish. This starts from Budget night and runs until the end of June 2017

For more details and other benefits, see the Budget 2015 website or talk to your accountant.

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