ATSI Membership - for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

ATSI membership of the NHAA is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander practitioners who have met our training requirements in bush medicine and Western herbal medicine. This is a new category developed in 2008 in recognition and support of the work of  Marr Mooditj Aboriginal Health Training College in Perth WA.

ATSI members are qualified to treat members of their family and community only.

Benefits of ATSI membership

  • Quarterly copies of the Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism
  • Access to Internet and practitioner forums
  • Regular industry updates via website and Access newsletter
  • Discounts to NHAA seminars, conferences and training programs
  • Use of the NHAA library facilities 
  • Use of the Association's name, initials (must include the initals ATSI) and logo 
  • Full Association voting rights
  • The right to stand for nomination to the NHAA Board of Directors
  • Other benefits and rights of the Association

How to Apply

To apply for ATSI membership you must have completed a Certificate IV in Bush and Western Herbal Medicine at Marr Mooditj Aboriginal Health Training College in Perth, WA.

ATSI applications are normally processed within a week of us receiving the required paperwork.

  • Print out the membership form, then fill in the top half of page 1 and tick the boxes “Full ATSI membership” on page 1 and “Full ATSI member” on page 2.
  • Attach a copy of your qualifications, including evidence of your date of enrolment.
  • On page 3 fill in the top box (full membership continued) with your full name to appear on your certificate and sign and date in both places under the Code of Ethics.
  • On page 4 complete the payment details (or make note of any special awards or scholarships). ATSI membership is $60 a year plus a $5 joining fee.

  • Post your membership form and documents to the NHAA.