Kathleen Murphy (Director)

headshotKathleen is a naturopath and acupuncturist. She’s been in clinical practice since 2009. Since then, Kathleen has worked in several large integrative clinics; first in Brisbane where she trained, then in Sydney where she is now based. She has also been involved with a number of community and corporate healthcare programs over this time.

Kathleen took breaks from practice in 2014, for maternity leave, and again in 2016, to focus on finishing her acupuncture Masters. During this time, she also launched MamaCare Health Services, an in-home care and health support service for new mothers and their families. She has now returned to full-time practice and works from a busy clinic in inner-Sydney.

Kathleen also works as a lecturer and clinical tutor in the naturopathic programs at both the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and Endeavour College of Natural Health. Prior to working in health, her background was in the arts, as a performer and researcher.

Outside of clinical work, Kathleen enjoys spending time with her family, reading, travelling, good food and yoga.