Sally Mathrick (Director)

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Sally is a university qualified, practicing Naturopath. She is passionate about enhancing wellness, considering the interconnectedness of the personal and the global. As a life long learner, she is undertaking post-graduate studies in complementary medicine, and is part of the team at The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM).

Sally is a widely published health writer, including writing the DIY Detox column for WellBeing Australia Magazine for 8 years. She has also appeared on various radio shows on the ABC over the past decade.

Sally has formulated wellness courses that educate about whole health improvement, called Sparkle Detox and Sparkle Nourish. She authored two books, ‘Sparkle Wellness & Detox Guide’ and ‘Treating Kids Naturally’. Sally has facilitated cleansing and yoga retreats in Australia and internationally. She also co-directed and convened four Bryon Integrative Medicine Conferences, supporting the development of patient-centred care model and interdisciplinary communication.