Board Subcommittees

All NHAA board members also work on a series of Subcommittees — these are teams with special expertise looking after either short or long term projects.  At each board meeting, subcommittees report on their progress and achievements and work is allocated for ongoing and upcoming projects.

Subcommittees are formed and dissolved as needed. They can involve one or more of the NHAA office staff and also sometimes seek voluntary help from members with special skills, as well as working with external groups as needed, especially when mutually beneficial.  Each committee will have a minimum of 3 people, with an appointment period of as little as 1 year.  Committees are chaired by a current or former Board member with a minimum of 3 meetings per year (meetings for some committees will be more regular depending on the business that that committee is dealing with).  Meetings are held by teleconference or via an on-line software program.

Outside of meetings communication will primarily be via email with the time commitment varying from as little as an hour per week.


Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine (AJHNM)

A strategic development subcommittee advising the tactical process for journal publication.

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For more information on the journal go to Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine


The Events Committee’s primary function is to organize the Association’s events consisting of:

  1.  The International Conference (IC) – every second year;
  2.  The National Seminar Series via webinar or other format as agreed by the Board –
     every second year on the alternate year to the IC;
  3.  The profession’s Industry dinner (held on the Saturday evening of the IC); and
  4.  National Herbal Medicine Week; and
  5.  Chapter meetings (will be organized by the State Chapter committee).

Responsibilities include drafting budgets, working with the Primary Conference Organiser for the IC, recommending dates, venues  and themes, providing reports to the Board including recommendations for improvement to future events, planning and implementation of all components and aspects of each event.

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The Examiners provide expertise to the profession, Board and office staff on all clinical matters relating to Education in the profession, ensuring that curricula and the NHAA standards remain current and reflects best practice.

Responsibilities include:

  1.  Sourcing and recommending to the Board an appropriately qualified professional to hold the position of Co-ordinating
  2.  Providing advice to the Board on how NHAA’s standards need to change following notification of changes in education;
  3.  Developing and administering educational policies;
  4.  Providing advice and assistance to office staff when clause 2 membership applications are received including liaising
     with the applicant to ensure that they provide all the relevant educational information;
  5.  Ensuring the NHAA’s educational standards in the membership joining process are current and the benchmark across
     all associations representing the profession;
  6.  Maintaining and developing the Mentoring and Supervision program;
  7.  Reviewing and providing support to any educational institutions developing or reviewing their naturopathic curriculum;
  8.  Managing the accreditation and renewal process of all naturopathic curriculum;
  9.  Participating in, and where needed facilitate inter-communication between associations for education changes on a
     government level.

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The Finance Committee ensures that the Association maintains strong overall financial management, sustainability, accountability and complies with statutory taxation and Corporations Law requirements.

Responsibilities include:

  1.  Reviewing and advising the Board on the financial management and financial sustainability of the Association;
  2.  Reviewing and evaluating internal control policies and procedures;
  3.  Managing the external audit by the qualified auditor;
  4.  Liaising with the external tax accountant to ensure statutory taxation obligations are met; and
  5.  Compliance and Financial Governance.

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The Governance Committee manages the governance structure for the Board ensuring that the Association adheres to appropriate governance guidelines and regulations and a high standard of governance.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1.  Providing advice to the Board on the adequacy of governance standards and charter for the Association;
  2.  Reviewing the terms of reference of all Committees and make recommendations on changes to the Board annually;
  3.  Providing assistance to the Board Member Advisory Committee (BMAC) to review the performance of the Board
     annually and manage processes for succession planning and development for Board members;
  4.  Reviewing and advising on delegations of authority;
  5.  Reviewing and advising on codes of conduct;
  6.  Monitoring compliance with the applicable laws and standards;
  7.  Maintaining an induction program for Board members;
  8.  Providing the Board with advice on the appointment and remuneration of the Executive Officer and processes for
     the ongoing evaluation of performance against results of the Strategic and Operations Plan;
  9.  Providing assistance to the Board to review and develop the Strategic Plan and assistance to the Executive Officer
     to draft the Operations Plan; and
  10.  Liaising with the Finance Committee to ensure that the Board’s policy and framework for managing risks are
     appropriate and that risks are being properly managed.


The IT Committee ensures that the Association maintains ICT functionality capable of adequately servicing the membership via effective systems that support organisational development and evolution.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1.  Reviewing and recommending to the Board, strategies relating to technology (including communication) and
     their alignment with the Association's overall strategic plan;
  2.  Reviewing and monitoring strategies for developing or implementing new technologies, innovations,
     communications and systems;
  3.  Reviewing and recommending to the Board strategies for sourcing technology suppliers and equipment;
  4.  Providing technology support and advice to the office staff;
  5.  Improving the efficiency of the Board by taking responsibility for “technology” including communication
     tasks delegated to the Committee where such  tasks should be discussed in sufficient depth;
  6.  Providing assistance to draft technology policies; and
  7.  Developing and maintaining a disaster recovery plan.

Law & Ethics

Monitors and addresses legal and ethical issues that arise from our members and in the community with regards to the professional practice of herbal and naturopathic medicine. To liaise with external lawyers for advice as required.

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Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications Committee develop and implement strategies to engage members and create awareness of the Association to non-members as a means of increasing membership.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1.  Creating and delivering the most effective marketing and communications strategies that:
     (i)      Engage members and non-members;
     (ii)     Supports the Association’s strategies to recruit new members;
     (iii)    Generate quality, timely and prompt communication to the membership;
     (iv)    Promote the  organization in the most effective light;
     (v)     Increase the reach of the Association;
     (vi)    Support the Association’s initiatives to increase and diversify revenue streams;
     (vii)   Provide advice and guidance on the most appropriate methods to communicate messages;
     (viii)  Promotes the Association’s mission and increases its brand awareness;
  2.  Providing assistance to the Office Manager to generate the e-news;
  3.  Contributing to the evolution of the website; and
  4.  Actively maintaining the Association’s social media strategies with a particular focus on Facebook.

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The Media/PR Committee supports, oversees, generates and responds to media publicity and enquiries.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1.  Coordinating communications with the press, including press releases, interviews, and inquiries;
  2.  Supporting and overseeing the organisation’s external communication in conjunction with the
     Marketing &Communications committee;
  3.  Drafting and implementing a publicity plan including drafting and distributing press releases on
     particular topics of interest and around the
     organisation’s events; and
  4.  Developing and maintaining a database of media contacts for interviews.

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Membership services

The Member Services Committee provides advice and direction around member services as well as developing, implementing and maintaining a retention and recruitment strategy across all membership categories for the Board.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1.  Reviewing the current, developing and maintaining a list of member services/membership benefits;
  2.  Developing and publishing a member value proposition;
  3.  Developing, implementing and maintaining a member engagement strategy; and
  4.  Developing and maintaining a recruitment and retention strategy in line with the strategies outlined
     in the Strategic Plan.

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Board Member Advisory Committee  

One of the major responsibilities of the BMAC relates to recruitment to the Board. It is the responsibility of NHAA members to elect the Board. However as the Board’s tasks change and become ever more complex, the NHAA also needs to ensure that procedures are in place that will enable it to access members with the right mix of experience, skills and interests for Board positions, both to fill interim vacancies and to stand for election at AGMs. 

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For more information see About the Board and the Board Members Advisory Committee Charter.


The Profession Committee provides advice and guidance to the Board in the area of submissions, registration of practitioners in and advocacy on behalf of the profession and on additional matters deemed relevant as they may arise from time to time.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1.  Submissions
     (i)     Reviewing government regulatory reviews;
     (ii)    Providing a recommendation to the Board on whether the NHAA needs to make a submission;
     (iii)   Sourcing an appropriate external consultant(s) subject to the budget and managing the process
             with the consultant to ensure that the submission deadline is met and that the Board’s approval is
             obtained prior to making the submission; and
     (iv)   Ensuring that the standard NHAA submission template is used and the standard content is maintained.

  2.  Registration
     (i)     Developing, implementing, evaluating, refining and maintaining a strategy to secure statutory registration
             for practitioners.

  3.  Advocacy
     (i)    Proactively raising issues with government, legislators and regulators which affect and on behalf of the

  4.  Other

Members of the Committee do not necessarily draft submissions in its own right.

Additional matters deemed relevant as they arise from time to time to cover any eventuality.

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