The NHAA has long been committed to high educational standards in herbal medicine and naturopathy. There are four Examiner positions on the NHAA Board of Directors, reflecting the importance of this area. The Examiners have multiple areas of responsibility including:

  • Maintaining and administrating the NHAA Course Accreditation System (CAS), which represents the highest level of educational standards for herbalists and naturopaths in Australia. 
  • Individual assessment of full membership applications where the applicant has not completed an accredited course.
  • Monitoring the teaching and educational trends of Western herbal medicine and naturopathy in Australia.  
  • Maintaining and working with academic institutions offering NHAA accredited courses.
  • Offering expertise by participating in external course advisory committees and industry reference groups.
  • Represent the interests of western herbal medicine and naturopathy education in any Government review or regulatory process.

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Accredited Courses

If you are looking to study now or find out if your course was or is accredited with the NHAA, this section lists currently and previously accredited courses, with links to the educational institutions websites. 

Course Accreditation System (CAS)

All about the CAS, with info for teachers & institutions and all the relevant documents to download. Also info on the NHAA Graduate Award (available to all NHAA accredited courses), a great prize for graduates!