NHAA Graduate Award

The NHAA Graduate Award recognises excellence in herbal medicine study. All students enrolled in an NHAA Accredited Course are eligible, and are nominated to the NHAA by the training institution just before graduation.

Once a nominee is accepted by the NHAA, we will organise to have an NHAA Board Member attend your Graduation Ceremony to present the prize. If this is not possible, we will organise to have the prize and relevant information delivered to your institution before the graduation so that an institution representative may award the prize.

For enquiries about the NHAA Award, please contact the office on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The prize consists of:

  • Your first year of NHAA Full Membership FREE.
  • Free entry to 1 annual NHAA Seminar, or discounted entry to the NHAA International Conference (if relevant).
  • A copy of the Proceedings of a previous NHAA International Conference.
  • NHAA Award Certificate.
  • Total prize value is over $500.

For more details about the Graduate Award Download: Graduate Award Flyer