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Sleep, Stress and Resilience

Sleep, Stress and Resilience

11 June 2020 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

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Complimentary Lunch & Learn: A holistic approach to sleep, stress and resilience: exploring bidirectional relationships 

Presenter: Marleen Plate (BPharm, BHSc Naturopathy)

Inadequate sleep is now considered to be a public health crisis. New and increased stressors from our modern way of living have affected adults and children alike, with health consequences on all body systems. It is now known that the relationship between stress and sleep is bi-directional - that is, stress can disrupt sleep, and sleep loss can increase subsequent stress. Emerging evidence suggests that the effects of inadequate sleep can potentiate the physiological effects of stress and enhance the reactivity of the HPA axis.

In this session, practitioners will gain practical insights into the clinical imperative to assess the individual, and the factors pertinent to their specific health concerns.

Key learning outcomes:

  • An in-depth understanding of the bi-directional relationships between sleep, circadian rhythms and the HPA axis
  • An appreciation of the need for multiple clinical targets in sleep and stress-related disorders
  • Key prescribing considerations, and mechanisms of action of key nutritional and botanical interventions
  • An understanding of treatment considerations which more comprehensively targets the underlying drivers of health concerns


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