About NHAA Practitioners

NHAA Practicing Full members are all highly trained practitioners of Western herbal medicine and/or Naturopathy, either focusing on herbal medicine or Naturopathy alone or incorporating it as a major modality of their practice. These members meet our education and training requirements and adhere to all ongoing requirements of insurance, first aid and continuing professional education. All are trained herbalists and/or naturopaths and may practice other health care disciplines (modalities).  

An NHAA herbalist or naturopath:

  • is highly trained in the philosophies, principles and practice of western herbal medicine/naturopathy and medical science;
  • takes a holistic view towards health and illness;
  • will assess you as a person and not a disease;
  • prescribes and dispenses plant medicines in a safe and effective manner;
  • seeks to treat the underlying cause of disease;
  • acknowledges the body’s innate ability to heal itself;
  • aims to prevent disease and restore health;
  • provides dietary and lifestyle advice;
  • maintains high standards of professional practice;
  • is an authoritative source of information about herbal medicine.

Benefits of Consulting a NHAA Herbalist or Naturopath

When you see a NHAA herbalist or naturopath, you can be confidant that your practitioner:

  • is a fully qualified specialist in Western herbal medicine and/or Naturopathy;
  • abides by a professional Code of Ethics;
  • maintains continuing professional education, professional indemnity insurance and first aid qualification. 

What to Expect When Consulting an Herbalist or Naturopath

A comprehensive consultation including:

  • a detailed case history;
  • individually prescribed and dispensed herbal and/or naturopathic medicines;
  • clear dosage instructions;
  • dietary and lifestyle advice;
  • confidentiality;
  • professionalism.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

This will depend completely on the individual and their condition.

Some improvement in symptoms should be noted within hours to a day for acute complaints such as a cold or the flu, or within 4-6 weeks for chronic complaints. Chronic problems are particularly well suited to treatment with herbal medicine.

Is Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine Safe?

Herbal and naturopathic medicine is very safe and effective when prescribed by a fully qualified herbal or naturopathic practitioner.

If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, please consult your prescribing practitioner.