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Kathy Harris

Gender: Female
Surry Hills

Kathy is not currently in clinical practice.

Clinic Phone: 02 9211 3811
Clinic Email: kathyharris101@gmail.com

Kathy was in private practice as a Naturopath, Western Medical Herbalist and Homoeopath for over 2 decades.  In her earlier life she was a school teacher and, while she loved teaching, a part of her was always interested in natural wellbeing. Thus, when a series of family health crises occurred, she sought the help of a Naturopath whose deeply healing treatments inspired Kathy to study naturopathy and homoeopathy. Later, the attainment of a Masters degree in Western Herbal Medicine enabled her to integrate her love of teaching with her love of clinical practice and she has lectured for the past 10 years at various institutions including the University of Western Sydney, Endeavour College, Nature Care College and Sydney College of Homoeopathic Medicine. During her first few years in practice, Kathy undertook extra study in the complex and rewarding field of female hormones, as the majority of her patients were women and teenage girls. She ran classes for women to help them cope with the changes during their peri-menopausal years and in 2002 authored a book for practitioners: "Managing Menopause Naturally  A Comprehensive Clinician's Manual". The happy menopausal patients brought along their daughters and granddaughters which led to further study in natural fertility management, and a growing clientele of babies and children. More recently, Kathy has seen an increase in the numbers of people with all sorts of gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders, which has led her to study further and write about how a naturopathic approach can assist in such health issues. Early 2020, Kathy stepped back from clinical practice.


Master of Health Science (Herbal Medicine) Bachelor of Education Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy Diploma of Naturopathy Diploma of Botanical Medicine Diploma of Nutrition  


Fellow Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia  

Other Activities:

Spending time with family is Kathy's most precious hobby, followed by sharing good food with friends, walking around her favourite city and its beautiful foreshores, doing volunteer work, sipping an organic red wine, curling up with a good book, or playing with her 'grand puppy'.

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