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Shauna Ashewood - Therapia

Gender: Female
25 North St

Therapia is at 25 North St is between Currie and Waymouth Sts in the NW corner of town. There are free 2P parks in North St and Waymouth St.

Clinic Phone: 08 8242 2083

After 25 years in practice, Shauna has the experience and understanding of herbal medicine and its capacity to change the dynamics of illness in the body. This is especially so in women's health, with menopause, hormone imbalances, PMS and fertility issues, which have been one of the main focuses of Shauna's practice.

Shauna is also passionate about, and committed to supporting people with cancer - either when undergoing treatments or afterwards, and their recovery with herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.

In recent years Shauna has also focused on restoring health in autoimmune disease, with all its complexities, and has been impressed once again with herbal medicine and its influence on complex diseases. 

In your appointment your health history is evaluated, and iris diagnosis and/or vega testing employed to refine the diagnosis.

In clinic blood tests can be done to test a range of hormones & inflammatory markers.

Shauna looks forward to meeting you and creating a treatment plan that helps meet your needs and restore your health and vitality.




Bachelor of Science

Post graduate Diploma in Education

Diploma Naturopathy

Post graduate Diploma Health Counselling

Master Public Health

Cert IV Outdoor Recreation & Guiding








Other Activities:

In practice for 25 years.

Past Executive Director NHAA 5 years

Has lectured for the NHAA seminar series on Cancer & Herbal Medicines, and Cancer & Antioxidants.

Extensive experience with workshops and training in Menopause, Womens Health and Cancer support.

Clinic Map: