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Patricia Lesley Mottram at AyurvedaTLC

Gender: Female
35 Bushmans crescent
Drummond North
Contact me by phone or email. I will have a new clinic in Spotswood later in 2014
Mobile Phone: 419221956
Clinic Email: tricialesley@gmail.com
I have a keen interest in Ayurvedic herbal therapy and in treatment of immune disorders. I have a strong medical background, with a PhD and over 30 years experience in medical research and clinical immunology. I aim to use herbal methods that have proven effective in treating and preventing long-term chronic illness, to promote a holistic, life enhancing approach, combining herbs, Reiki and yoga.
Qualifications:   Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Biology/Immunology) University of Melbourne, Vic Graduate Diploma of Health Science (Herbal Medicine), University of New England, Armidale, NSW Advanced Diploma of Yoga teaching (VIYETT)
Memberships: Australasian Society for Immunology University of Melbourne Alumni Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Alumni National Herbalists Association of Australia Australian Reiki Connection Yoga Australia
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