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Ange Sinclair - Digestive Detective

Gender: Female
10 Wolfe Road
East Ryde
Mobile Phone: 0412 724 707

Hi, I’m Ange, and I’m The Digestive Detective. I’m fascinated by gut health and I love helping people who have digestive issues to live healthier, happier lives through providing them the support and tools they need for optimum gut health. Over the last 8 plus years of working in the health and wellness sector, as a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, I have seen a real trend towards gut related health issues such as bloating, gas, chronic indigestion and food intolerances to name a few. Knowing this led me to focus on gut health as it’s something I can also relate to, having suffered in the past. I’m passionate about finding real, sustainable solutions for people that are suffering ill-health and I have many success stories where people have improved their quality of life, some that have lived with digestive issues for years and who never thought they would return to normal. My consultations are professional and empathic and I don’t have a one size fits all approach as I respect that we are all different. During the consultation we will discuss your regular routine and bodily functions to get to the root cause of your gut problem. The amazing thing is, once I have this information, it can quickly provide a roadmap of incredible insights into what is causing the problems in your body. I’m also passionate about education. I love speaking to groups on the importance of gut health and how it impacts every aspect of our lives. I give tips and hints for you to maximise your digestion and how eating specific foods can improve your microbiome. If you experience bloating, why not download my free Ebook and see what steps you can take to banish the bloat forever. Don’t suffer in silence any longer, contact me today or hop on over to my social media sites below to check out more of what I do in depth. I look forward to hearing from you! Instagram: digestive_detectiveFacebook: mydigestivedetectiveWebsite:www.digestivedetective.com.au  


Diploma Aromatherapy Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine


Full member NHAA

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