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Mim Beim - Beaming with Health

Gender: Female
Suite 202/147 King St

Between Pitt and Castlereagh 

Clinic Phone: 0411748749
Mobile Phone: 0411748749
Clinic Email: Mim

Through nearly 27 years of practice Mim has developed a commonsense approach to healing. For instance, there is no point in taking every supplement known to man if a simple diet or lifestyle change will do the trick. Mim Beim is a naturopath and manufactures a range of therapeutic herbal teas and skin care products, Beaming with Health. She has written 9 books, her most recent being Natural Remedies,  and has helped create two TV series on Foxtel (Lifeforce), as well as appearing on many TV shows including Channel Nineʼs Fresh. In the late 1980s Mim was the Triple J naturopath, and afterwards on the Night Life program. Mim is a regular guest on ABC radio and is the naturopath expert for Sunday Telegraph Body+Soul. She has been a regular contributor to Life Etc., Good Health & Medicine, the Sun Herald and Family Circle and has been a consultant to Liptons Tea, Nokia and the reality TV sensation Big Brother. Nowadays she gives workshops to groups including corporations and government departments on the effects of stress and how to deal with it. In 2011, Mim studied under world renowned Buteyko Expert, Patrick McKeown. Since then, Mim says the Buteyko method of breathing has transformed her practice. Mim believes that at some level each patient often intuitively knows, or has a hunch, what is wrong with them, and what is the right direction they should take with regard to healing. She also believes treatment should be enjoyable as well as helpful – so, unless absolutely necessary, she is unlikely to prescribe a torturous diet regime. Or, for that matter, an array of supplements. Mimʼs preference is for the least amount of medicines, natural or pharmaceutical, ideally prescribing a simple change of diet and lifestyle. Sheʼs had experience treating a large range of conditions but has a particular interest in stress related problems and digestive disorders. ʻAll I do is listen hard, and try to help with any information or medicine that is needed. If another modality such as orthodox medicine, osteopathy or counselling is required, I will refer you to the appropriate practitioner,ʼ says Mim.ʻWhatever it takes to get you feeling better.ʼ Before life as a naturopath, Mim gained an Economics degree from the Sydney University and had a short-lived career as an auditor with a large accounting firm. She was a fitness instructor for 15 years, and had a brief career as a roulette dealer. Mim Beim graduated from the Nature Care College with the Nutrition Prize in 1988 and has been in practice ever since. She is the past Head of Naturopathy for ATMS, the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Australiaʼs leading society for Natural Medicine, and is also a member of NHAA, the National Herbalists Association of Australia, and a full member of the Australian Society of Authors and the Australasian Medical Writers Association. Mim currently lectures at the Australasian School of Natural Therapies and Endeavour college in Sydney, is a Practitioner of Buteyko Breathing and is also undertaking a Master of Nutrition at Deakin University. Mim lives in the beautiful Kangaroo Valley and her interests include her pets (two dogs and two cats), bushwalking, gardening, reading and yoga. ‘As an auditor, I make a great naturopath!’ Mim


Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) - Past Head of Naturopathy. National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) Australian Society of Authors (Full member) Australasian Medical Writers Association Buteyko Breathing Educators Association  

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