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Susan Garrad - Women's Health, Naturally

Gender: Female
398 Mount Barker Road
Mobile Phone: 61439974372
Clinic Email: susangarrad@bigpond.com

Often when women come to us, they have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right in their body. You may be experiencing unpleasant symptoms, and even have resigned yourself to the thought you’re stuck with them. Or you may be very clear about a medical diagnosis or chronic condition and you’re seeking a better way to treat it. Many women also reach out to find ways of losing weight fast.   Good news - we can help you We work with women across Australia and around the world, in person and by Skype or phone consultation, to provide expert advice for optimal wellbeing and to correct hormone imbalance in women. We diagnose medically using the latest in-depth scientific testing methods and then treat naturally with practitioner-strength natural medicine alternatives that have worked for centuries. That’s why our success rates and client satisfaction are so high.   As womens health experts we have a special interest in hormone imbalance treatment for women, losing weight fast and natural infertility treatments as well as preventative health. We understand what it’s like being a woman in today’s world and focus on hormonal health, fertility, pregnancy and birthing health, menopause, medical weight loss that really results in losing weight fast and preventative health using cutting edge genetic testing technology. In fact, our natural infertility treatments have an 80 percent success rate!   We invite you to partner with us to reach your goals with the aim to have you feeling the best you have ever felt and for your wellbeing to remain that way. ‘Womens health is my passion.  As a mother of three and former broadcast journalist, I understand the pressures women face and their impact on a woman's state of health. I believe that good health is the key to not only coping with life's demands, but to having the energy to enjoy every moment that it brings.’ – Susan Garrad, Founder of Women’s Health Naturally


Bachelor of Naturopathy B.A. (Journalism)



Other Activities:

Susan is a regular newspaper columnist and blogger. She is also a corporate trainer and speaker delivering wellness seminars to workplaces around Australia.

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