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Claire Grullemans - Naturopathy and Nutrition

Gender: Female
Barker St

Level 7, Suite 20, Prince of Wales Private Hospital

Clinic Phone: ()2) 9650 4787
Mobile Phone: 0401512569
Clinic Email: Claire

“Caring, creative, and crystal clear. These are some of the words people use when they come to see me. I am passionate about coaching people towards a living a healthier life! Whether it is for weight loss, planning a healthy pregnancy, or treating infertility, I treat each and every patient with the same high level, of compassion and enthusiasm. We only have one body (this may vary depending on your religious beliefs), and we live in it every day. So I believe we should treat it respectfully, give it the rest it needs, feed it the food it needs, and love it, and every cell that is part of it, as best as we can.” Claire is an experienced naturopath and nutritionist who has worked in the natural health care industry for the last 10 years. Her clinic is now based in Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Randwick where she is a part of the Specialist Medical Randwick team in Suite 20. To be a great practitioner, Claire upholds her standards of practice by attending seminars regularly (with the latest research and development for reproductive sciences, dietary and herbal medicine workshops, detoxification methods, and more). She believes in preventative medicine, coaching her patients about the benefits of natural medicines, and a naturopathic whole-foods diet. There is no case too difficult, no person too big or too small to under go naturopathic and nutritional consultations with Claire. Professionals in the industry such as Dr. Giselle Cooke, fertility expert Gabriella Rosa, Obstetrician Dr. Dean Conrad, and Pain management specialist Dr. Charlotte Johnstone have all helped Claire with coaching, training, and supportive referrals during her career.

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