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Melissa Gearing Urban Wellness

Gender: Female
OTP House, Suite 15, Level 2, 10 Bradford Close
Clinic Phone: (02) 4956 3353
Mobile Phone: 0437041686

Individual herbal mixtures Prescription Supplements Iridology Bach flowers Food as Medicine What is a Herbalist? Western herbal medicine uses plants to create medicines which can treat and prevent a range of illnesses and conditions. We use a variety of plants and plant parts including the flowers, stems, barks, roots, leaves and fruits. The actions for which each herb are used is evidence based and researched, as well as backed by traditional use. Many of the common medicines used today originated from herbs including aspirin from willow bark. Herbalists are also trained in nutrition, iridology, symptomology and diagnosis, latest testing available, lifestyle advice, as well as treatment options for most health complaints. Melissa offers private consultations on a wide range of health topics including: Women’s Health-Menopause, PMS, fertility General health and wellbeing Cold and flu, immunity, post viral syndrome Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia Gut health-digestive issues, food intolerances, celiac disease Athlete and sports recovery-stamina and endurance Food as medicine Detox, liver care Stress and anxiety This is combined with wholistic health and wellness lifestyle counselling. Melissa is a qualified herbalist offering private consultations with individualised herbal tonics. She has extensive supplement and herbal knowledge and has experience in a wide range of health conditions. Her focus is on current research and the latest in herbal advances, concentrating on an integration of herbal medicine with modern medicine. Melissa has experience in superfoods and food as medicine as an adjuvant or replacement where possible to supplementation and herbs. She has the ability to create personalised nutritional programs to suit your lifestyle and provide practical advice for everyday application.


Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine Diploma in Iridology Currently completing Bachelor of Health Science



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