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Jade Donovan BHSc WHM MNHAA Five Elements Health and Vitality

Gender: Female
348 St Georges Road
Fitzroy North
Mobile Phone: 0402 190 008

As a skilled herbalist and holistic practitioner, Jade draws on traditional knowledge regarding the medicinal properties of herbs, as well as current scientific evidence. She then carefully selcts and blends herbal preparations that balance, restore, cleanse and tonifly the various systems of the body, in order to achieve harmony within the individual.  Herbal medicine can address issues such as stress and anxiety, sleep issues, digestive problems, gut health, immune function, colds and flu, skin conditions, menstrual problems and many more. Jade is available for consultations all day Wednesdays and Thursdays from the 20th of June. She is offering 50% off initial consultations in July. To book, please call 0402 190 008 or go to www.fiveelements.com.au/contact and book online with Jade.


Bachelor of Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine)


Full member of NHAA

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