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Brad Parkinson - Western Sydney, Penrith Clinic

Gender: Male
Honeysuckle Avenue
Glenmore Park
Mobile Phone: 0434 51 61 52
My aim is to inform, educate and empower you to reach optimal health. I am a Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner integrating the latest advancements in modern science with traditional knowledge and Functional Medicine practices.  My special interests are in the microbiome-gut-brain axis and immunity. If you feel fatigued, foggy headed, suffer from allergies,  inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, colds and flus or an autoimmune condition, I can help get you on the right path to better health and longevity.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy.
Memberships: MNHAA - Member of the Naturopaths and Hebalists Association of Australia.
Clinic Map: