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Emily Sarkies - Revive Beauty & Wellness

Gender: Female
Shop 5, 33-39 McBride Ave
Clinic Phone: 03 5672 3800
Mobile Phone: 0450 699 818

As a Naturopath, I have found the best way to achieve optimal health outcomes is through supporting the patient to gain a greater connection with self, based on the philosophy of abundance being ‘all that we need, is right here within’. Warm and empathetic in my practice, I take time to listen, investigate and gain the greatest understanding of any underlying pathology or physical, mental and emotional drivers contributing to ones current health state and with nutrition, herbal medicine (Western & Ayurvedic) or lifestyle counselling, aim to bring the body back into a greater balance. By shining a little light on areas that may have been shadowed, individual treatment plans are created to restore health in a sustainable way – to nourish and thrive. In this space we remove the label of disease and treat you as a whole – gaining insight, strength and perspective : to ride the ripples and waves of life with less reactivity, greater ease and balance. I enjoy treating a wide range of health states, appreciating everyone’s unique story with a special focus for: + Chronic disease (inflammatory, fatigue and autoimmune syndromes) + Gastrointestinal disturbances (IBS, intolerances and malabsorption) + Mood disorders (stress and anxiety) + Weight management and disease preventative care My background in pharmacy has contributed to a passion for education, acknowledging the importance of Integrative Medicine and working collaboratively with patients, their lifestyles and other modalities, towards wholistic outcomes.  With continued professional development in the UK and India, I have cultivated a unique and effective assessment and treatment approach. A qualified yoga teacher, I also incorporate the benefits of yoga therapy and it’s philosophies: meditation and mindfulness techniques into my Naturopathic care. You are warmly welcome to contact me anytime for further advice and guidance.


Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy  Qualified Yoga Teacher


Professional Member of NHAA Yoga Alliance

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