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Nadia Woods - Woods Naturopathy

Gender: Female
4/407 Highett Road
Clinic Phone: 03 95556981
Mobile Phone: 0422 908 977

I'm a passionate and dedicated Naturopath, mother, early childhood specialist, with a Bachelor of health science and Diploma of Children's Services. As your Naturopath here in Highett, I'm here for you, and my open door policy means that I invite you to share your health story and find out how Naturopathy can resolve issues, restoring wellness. I'm dedicated to community, family and individual health and wellness. I seek to provide support to anyone, who like me in the past, has found themselves in chronic illness whilst raising a child or aiming to achieve their true potential in life. I understand first hand what it is like to walk that path and journey back to health and appreciate (and love) my role in supporting others in healing. I have particular interest in skin conditions as well as chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, digestion and detoxification.  In order for treatment to be successful, it must be completely individualised and suited to the person. In my practice we will work together to implement strategies with which you are comfortable and inspired.  Feel free to contact me anytime, always happy to answer questions. You will see my monthly newsletter in clinic, and can sign up for a paperless version on my website below. You can also find health tips on my Facebook and Instagram links.


Bachelor Health Science - Naturopathy

Diploma of Children's Services



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