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Sarah Mann Naturopathy - Bright and Balanced Living

Gender: Female
3/22 Govetts Leap Road
Clinic Phone: 0431 862 472

Sarah is a university and college qualified Naturopath and brings great warmth and care to her practice. Sarah’s expertise is in Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homeopathy. Her focus is on holistic and natural healthcare, not only treating symptoms but also caring for the whole human being. Sarah works with many people with a range of symptoms, health conditions and goals for their health.  Some of these areas are - Acute illness and convalescence - Stress, depletion and fatigue - Children's health and development- Men's health and wellbeing- Women's health and hormonal care- Preconception, pregnancy and post natal care- Breastfeeding and infant nutrition- Nutrition across the lifespan - Immune and respiratory health- Gut healing and digestive wellbeing - Allergies and recurrent illness- Skin conditions - Sleep issues and restorative healthcare - Optimising health and performance for dancers Sarah has a particular affinity for paediatric healthcare and works with children and parents to support the unique and truly healthy nature of their child to come forward. She also has an extensive background in dance and performance and works with dancers to optimise their vitality and performance holistically. Sarah is the co-owner and director of Bright & Balanced Living Clinic and the principle Naturopath. In the Clinic we also offer Massage, Breathwork and Counselling, Yoga, Doula Pregnancy and Birth Support and Energetic Therapies. 


Associate Degree of Clinical Science (SCU) Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (ACNT)


Member of NHAA and Member of AAMA (Australian Anthroposophic Medical Association)

Clinic Map: