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Celia Grossman, Naturopath Solutions

Gender: Female
14 Bayview Street

Off Glen Eira Road, between Kooyong and Orrong Roads, with a 7/11 store on the corner

Clinic Phone: 0425717407
Mobile Phone: 0425717407
Clinic Email: Naturopath Solutions

With special interest in digestive issues such as SIBO and IBS, mood and stress-related disorders,  female reproductive and other  hormonal conditions, weight reduction, MTHFR and other genetic issues, methylation problems,  and autoimmune conditions. My goal is to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of my patients, especially those with chronic illnesses, by assisting them with  evidenced-based dietary advice, lifestyle changes, natural medicines and nutritional supplementation.    As a solution-oriented health detective with a passion and knowledge in nutritional biochemistry and microbiology from a prior degree and working as a bacteriologist, I seek to uncover and treat any underlying causes to my patient's health conditions, especially those with overgrowth of bacteria and yeast and biochemical dysregularities, rather than merely concentrating on alleviating the presenting symptoms. 


B.Sc(Hons) B.HSc (Naturopathy)



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