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Lorraine Pratley - Casey Natural Health Care

Gender: Female
6 Yorkshire Dr
Cranbourne North
Clinic Phone: 0403 845 278
Mobile Phone: 0403 845 278
Clinic Email: Lorraine Pratley

Lorraine will work with you to discover and heal the root cause of your health problems. Her therapeutic tools include herbs in the form of concentrated liquids, tablets, dried for making tea, as well as topically in the form of ointments and face and body oils; dietary assessment and therapy, using the principles of traditional, nutrient-dense diets to give your body the building blocks it needs to heal and thrive; blood test evaluations, against healthier reference ranges, which turn common blood tests into a wealth of information; and the GAPS Protocol to heal and seal the gut if indicated; or SIBO protocols.


Adv. Dip. Western Herbal Medicine; BA; Dip. Ed.


NHAA; Weston A Price Foundation

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