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Jill Richardson, Dear Mother

Gender: Female
98a Cronulla Street
Mobile Phone: 0408250293
Clinic Email: hello@dearmother.com.au

Jill Richardson is a passionate naturopath with a strong desire to assist others to find balance and peace within themselves.  Through nature, connection, meditation and movement, Jill is always learning and growing to be the most empowered, loving and balanced version of herself. Her desire to be outside amongst the sun, to view the world from under a wave, and to have her breath taken away from simply just being still, was more than just a feeling to her; it was home. To know that nature is purely the solution to ailments, imbalances, stress and overthinking, fueled her thirst for knowledge, and her newfound love was too sacred not to share. A naturopathic consultation with Jill is an exploration of your life through feelings and experiences that have led you down your unique path. Your symptoms correlate with a cause, and together you will work towards unraveling the reasons why certain symptoms and feelings have arisen. As you navigate your way to your core, you will explore all aspects of your life under the guidance of Jill, simplifying imbalances and gaining clarity and perspective as a soul-being.


Kids Yoga Teacher (2017) Partner Yoga Teacher (2017) Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy (2017) Reiki Tummo & Meditation Practitioner (2017, 2018)



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