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Raelene Callaway - Gratitude Naturopathy and Health Coaching

Gender: Female
Hobart, Launceston, East Coast


Clinic Phone: 0410481229
Mobile Phone: 0410 481 229

Raelene Callaway: naturopath, intuitive, holistic lifestyle coach, and corrective exercise kinesiologist. For 12 years, Raelene has combined her intuition, empathy and sensitivity with her practical skills to assist and empower clients to reach their health and wellness potential.  She added naturopathy to her skillset and graduated in 2017. She loves to support women who experience anxiety, over sensitivity, low self-esteem, and separation from their feminine-self and from other women to find nurturing and reconnection, renewed vitality and inner and outer strength. Offering: Western Herbal Medicine Nutrition Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching Australian Bush Flower Essences Mineral Therapy Functional Exercise Training Postural Correction Stretching, Relaxation, Breathwork Ergonomic Assessments.  


Adv Dip Naturopathy CHEK Practitioner Level 2 CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 Cert IV Fitness Cert Exercise Rehab


NHAA CHEK Institute

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