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Niki Cleuet | Naturopath and Nutritionist at Perth Health & Fertility

Gender: Female
1 Oban Road
City Beach
Clinic Phone: (08) 9285 0998
Clinic Email: nikicleuet@gmail.com
Niki is a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, as well as an active member of the NHAA. Previously located in Sydney, Niki relocated to Perth and is currently completing a Master’s in Reproductive Medicine through the University of New South Wales. She has extensive experience in addressing thyroid conditions, with a special clinical focus on Hashimoto’s disease, Graves’ disease and subclinical hypothyroidism. In addition to thyroid health and autoimmunity, Niki has a keen clinical interest in women’s reproductive health and addressing hormonal issues such as amenorrhoea, PCOS and painful periods in a holistic and integrative manner. Other areas of clinical interest include stress, low energy, anxiety, sleep disturbance, digestive health and recurrent urinary tract infections. Niki is passionate about integrating scientific research with traditional naturopathic principles, in a holistic, evidence-informed and results-focused approach. She has a keen interest in using pathology testing to investigate and address the root cause of her patients’ complaints, whilst arming her patients with knowledge and tools to help them return to optimal health. Niki’s aim is to transform the health and wellbeing of her patients by providing collaborative, patient-centred and personalised healthcare. More information about her approach can be found at her website, at www.nikicleuet.com.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) Masters of Reproductive Medicine (in progress)
Memberships: NHAA member 156705
Other Activities: Naturopathy Nutrition Herbal medicine