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Anna MacWilliams - ReMed Hawthorn

Gender: Female
144 Barkers Road
Clinic Phone: 1300 1 REMED
Clinic Email: Email

Anna is passionate about supporting women going through peri-menopause to optimise metabolic function, reduce weight gain especially around the middle and reduce risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and pre-diabetes.


Menopause is a time where hormonal changes can impact health dramatically. Putting on a bulge around the middle that you just can’t shift? Anna works with diet, lifestyle and natural medicines to ensure that you can stay healthy despite going through menopause.


Having completed two science degrees, Anna blends naturopathy with her love of cutting-edge science with the traditional knowledge of nutrition and herbal medicine. Anna combines extensive pathology testing with evidence-based medicine to inform her treatments designed to get results.

Other Activities:

Anna has always been fascinated with the human body, how it works and brings this into her consults by ensuring that her patients are continuously learning more about their own health and wellbeing.  She sees the great potential naturopathy can play in preventative health care to help patients enter the later years of their life in the best possible health.