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Leone Wilson Harvesting Health Naturopathy

Gender: Female
Fortune Street

Dreamworld side of the highway at Coomera. Same street as Police Station Fortune Grove is #21 Fortune Street with a green painted cement entry. Down end of driveway on the right. Two glass doors are the clinic entrance

Clinic Phone: 0422 220 464

Hello and thank you for visiting. Both Naturopathy & Nutrition are complementary medicine professions that empower and educate clients to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing using various natural therapies including herbal medicine, holistic nutrition and wellness coaching.   My name is Leone and I am a mature-aged Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist on the northern end of the Gold Coast. My aim is to help you achieve optimal health & wellness by educating you on how to create the life you truly desire.  Good health care requires a knowledgeable and trained health professional to ensure both appropriate and effective treatments are recommended to clients. Naturopathy & Nutritional Medicine are both effective and reliable forms of health care, blending nature, tradition and scientific evidence to ensure a positive, patient-centred outcome. Every client is treated as an individual, with acknowledgement of their own unique combination of contributing factors affecting their health. For this reason, I specialise in designing health programs to suit your individual needs. I believe it is important to empower my clients with a thorough knowledge and understanding of their health, thus educating them in the maintenance of optimal health. Being able to utilise various natural therapies to manage your own health is incredibly beneficial as ‘dis-ease’ is most often a result of emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances affecting the human physiology.  It is vital to understand the causes behind the symptoms and treat at that level to ensure a return to ‘wellness’.  For this reason, my aim is to provide both guidance and insight to help you develop a health & wellness plan which is unique to your needs. 


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)



Other Activities:

Workshops for Menopausal and Post-Menopausal Women

Consulting Naturopath at Body Mind Soul Clinic at 1/3 Northward St, Upper Coomera