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Padideh Fazelzadeh

Gender: Female
Suite 1806, 101 Grafton Street,
Bondi Junction
Mobile Phone: 0421176669
Clinic Email: Padideh Fazelzadeh

Padideh Fazelzadeh is a naturopath with 9 years of patient experience in both Medical and Natural therapy field.   She holds a degree in Bachelor of Medical Radiation Sciences (university of Sydney) and Bachelor of applied science Naturopathy (Endevour college of Natural health).   She has three years of experience working with cancer patients in Prince of Wales hospital as a radiation therapist and for last 6 years she has been working in one of the most prominent Natural Health clinics in Australia.   She has treated patients from all around Australia. She has also travelled to Fiji to treat patients in Suva and different villages to offer natural medicine in areas of need.   Padideh has a great passion for Ayurveda and she has travelled to India many times to learn about the herbs, the history and philosophy behind this ancient science.   Padideh mainly works with herbs, following the Ayurvedic principle for nutrition and tissue salts. She has also experience at treating her patients with various medical conditions by using breathing practices. She believes these breathing practices can have an affect on the root of most conditions.


Yoga & Meditation teacher