Lavender Cordial

From Sue Giles

Lavender is a calming & relaxing herb.  It can help relive the symptoms of a headache, as well as calm muscle tension.  It is calming to the nervous system, soothing stress. This cordial is delicately flavoured, & may be a calming drink for excited children, or a relaxing time out for a busy adult. Enjoy with still or sparking water.

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Ginger Cordial

From Sue Giles

Ginger is a very useful herb for the digestive & circulatory systems. Ginger can assist with symptoms of digestive bloating & also serve to help digestion.   It can also help to get the circulation going, & may improve circulation to the hands & feet. This cordial is both delicious & refreshing.  It may be served with still or sparking water.

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Cool green chickweed lotion

From Anne Cowper.

This cooling ointment is great for relieving itch associated with eczema and psoriasis, while also assisting in the healing process. It uses chickweed (Stellaria media) which is a herb known for it's soothing properties for the skin.

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Rob's Slow Bread

Rob Santich has generously passed on the Slow Bread recipe that he mentioned during our 2011 seminar series. Don't miss the end sections on What happened to our bread? along with some recommendations for good Sydney bakeries as well. Enjoy! 

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Fresh paw paw salad

From Dominique Finney.

This is a health promoting salad that tastes fantastic! The beautiful thing about this recipe is that it is loaded with digestive enzymes, cardiovascular protecting herbs and digestive and lymphatic cleansing herbs. The recipe can be adapted to suit your local ingredients, however the dressing needs to be kept as written for medicinal benefits.

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Sleepy dream tea

From Erica McIntyre.

Many people experience sleep problems, but fortunately we have some wonderful herbs that can help. Lavandula officinalis (French lavender) is the most commonly used variety of lavender in herbal medicine. Known for its calming effect on the nervous system it is a nice addition to a herbal tea before bed.  

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Castor oil poultice

From Leah Hechtman.

Native to India the castor oil plant is otherwise known as Ricinus communis. Used as a poultice it may help reduce inflammation and relieve period pain, muscle sprains, bruising and arthritic pain.

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